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Release date: 05.06.2024

A game of skills

  • Played on a board with pucks.
  • Simple rules for all generations.
  • Quick gameplay.
  • 2 or 4 players.
  • Made from wood. (Obviously)
  • The table version is also known as “American …”.

Its history (in short)

  • In the 15th century England where folks already played the game.
  • They called it “shove groat”.
  • Its fame spread in the US as Taylor Swift’s new songs.
  • In the 90’s tournaments were held over the USA.
  • Several Halls of Fame appeared in recognition of great players.

Associations and championships

  • Several national associations (US, UK, Germany etc.)
  • There is even an international association.
  • Thousands of tournaments held over the years.

Fun facts

  • The biggest version is 22 feet (~6,7 m) long.
  • Firstly, it was played with coins on a table.
  • You can usually find in pubs, bars.
  • There is a Dutch version of it.

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